Saraswati Mandir School Removes ‘CBSE’ Board from the Premises.

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Saraswati Mandir School Removes CBSE Board from the Premises.
Saraswati Mandir School Removes CBSE Board from the Premises. (Old Board Image Source Courtesy-Mumbai Mirror)

Saraswati Mandir School Removes CBSE Board from the Premises- Finally the Saraswati Mandir School, Mahim has removed the ‘CBSE’ board from the school premises. The crusader parents have termed it as another success whereas other parents of the Saraswati Mandir School (Mahim) have termed it as a panic situation.

Speaking to the BKS, parent of the school Shri.Makarand Kane whose children were allegedly expelled from the school for his protest against non payment of the excessive & illegal fees but later were allowed to attend the school said, ‘I have been raising this issue since the beginning of all the academic years. The school management has frequently been falsely informing us that they are affiliated to CBSE and same has also been mentioned in their official booklets too. However as per advice of my lawyer, when i submitted my query to the CBSE i was shocked to know that the school management is not at all affiliated to the CBSE. I do not know the cause of removal of the board yet but it seems my complaint to the CBSE and pursuance thereafter has borne some fruit at least, as the other parents cannot be kept in dark anymore’.

Another parent on condition of anonymity said ‘We have been paying the heavy fees for the affiliation with the CBSE only. Even the school management puts this reason before us for justifying the hiked fees. Now when the school management itself has removed the CBSE affiliation board from the premises, we are facing a panic situation and are worried about child’s educational complications’.

Explaining legal aspect in this matter, Adv.Siddharthshankar Sharma who has been representing the parents before various forum and courts in this matter said, ‘As the matter is sub judice before the Bombay High Court, it is improper to comment on this issue at present. However if the school management has falsely represented itself as affiliated to the CBSE board, the parents can further initiate criminal proceedings against the school management.’

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