Infuriated Saraswati Mandir School Bans Rubella Vaccination of Twin Students.


Infuriated Saraswati Mandir Schools Bans Rubella Vaccination of Twin Students.
Infuriated Saraswati Mandir School Bans Rubella Vaccination of Twin Students.

Infuriated Saraswati Mandir School Bans Rubella Vaccination of Twin Students-The BKS had published the article before four days about the removal of CBSE board from the school premises after their non affiliation issue was exposed by the agitating parent Mr.Makarand Kane over the illegal and excessive fee issue. The link of the article is as follows-
Saraswati Mandir School Removes ‘CBSE’ Board from the Premises. Subsequently the Mumbai Mirror had published the news regarding the same issue and the link of the news is as follows-

The school management was expected to follow the rules and norms after their misdeeds were exposed, however infuriated with the parents activism, the school management has within four days after their misdeeds were exposed has made a inhuman and ruthless decision not to allow of the twin children of Shri.Makarand Kane a Rubella Vaccination which is likely to be conducted on 24 December 2018 in the school.

Explaining this incident to BKS, Mr.Makarand Kane said,’My twin children were earlier expelled by the school management over non payment of the illegal fee issue. However later before the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights it was revealed that the fee demanded by the school management was illegal. Also the commission held the principal of the school management guilty of the mental harassment of my children and it recommended the disciplinary action, the concerned principal left the school thereafter.’

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‘The school management fearing backlash allowed my children to attend the school and challenged the commission’s order before the Bombay High Court. Now after i exposed their bogus CBSE affiliation issue, they are again targeting my children. Yesterday my twin children informed me that their class teacher has instructed them not to come to school on 24 December 2018 for Rubella Vaccination. To make my doubt clear i called the school office, where to my utter shock the employee of the school confirmed the same over the call’ added Mr.Kane.

Explaining the legal aspect & future course of action, Adv.Siddharthshankar  Sharma said ‘The organization has already provided legal assistance to the crusader parents and we would further make sure that the strictest action is taken against the school management for their all time low strategy of targeting the innocent children and risking their health issues.’

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