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Defying Education Minister’s Instructions, Amanora School Expels Hundreds of Students



In yet another shocking incident, Amanora school (Hadapsar, Pune) administration has expelled hundreds of students over dispute of payment of fee issue with the parents. The leaving certificates of students have been sent through postal mode to hundred of parents of the school. The more shocking fact is that the parents today were present before the Education Minister Mr.Vinod Tawde’s office to get the update about his assured action taken report against the school management and at the same time they were informed about the issuance of leaving certificates without any demand from the parents.

Explaining about the issue, Mr.Dheeraj Gedam said, ‘We have been raising the issues against illegalities committed by the school management in fixing the fees of previous academic years. The education department has also confirmed the illegalities committed by the school management in their various reports & even the proposal of the cancellation of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) has been submitted to the higher authorities since past many months. In spite of these facts the education department mere has remained mute spectator thereafter and hence the school management has taken benefit of their indifference time to time’.

‘Accordingly we recently met Education Minister Mr.Vinod Tawde at the Mantralay on 1st of March 2019. Even the representatives of the school management were present in the meeting. Accordingly Mr.Tawde had assured us that he would soon issue the appropriate direction for the fixation of the fees as the same was declared illegal by the education department itself. He also had instructed the school management not to harass or expel the children at any cost over the fee dispute. Hence today we visited his office to ask about the development about the action taken report assured by him and shockingly at the same time we came to know the fact that the school management has expelled our children and issued the leaving certificates without our demand.’ Added Mr.Gedam.

The facts we have observed after examining the documents provided by the parents are as follows-
The education department has confirmed in their various reports that the school management has violated the provisions of the Maharashtra Educational Institutions  Regulation of  Fee Act 2011 in fixation of the fees and hence recommendations for strong actions against the school management have been made.

Also the school has been found guilty of violating the provisions of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 and hence action under S.18 is also recommended against the school management.

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4 thoughts on “Defying Education Minister’s Instructions, Amanora School Expels Hundreds of Students”

  1. Nothing will get ressolved unless and untill we will not remove tawde from commissioner post. As per our opinion, even his office peon is working more then tawde. Really this type of manager is black dot for indian economy and future of indian child.

  2. How many parents come forward first of all. And those who come forward get tired by attending so many times commissioner office, education department and corrupt police. At the end no one helping the person who really fighting as per law. School giving bribe to police and top officer of education department so that they will work in school favour. Police commissioner denied tobtake FIR even after all clear proof available. Sr inspector Anil patil @ kondhwa police station teaching false law to general public saying first i will do investigation and then i will take FIR. So not a single officer doing work as per law. Our PM is so busy that we not got reply of even single letter out of 1000 letter addressed to them. At the end there is a limit of everyone to fight against corruption. PM is fighting in true sense to remove corruption from indian society but sorry to say he is not able to give lesson to his own department who is the root of all corruption. Let see where indian economy leading ahead in such type of corrupt political environment.

  3. We can understand your pain and glad to know that people like you fighting with such determination, yet we feel that you need to change some strategy, especially on law points, for that purpose please visit our legal awareness articles page as follows-
    It includes legal awareness articles for common man to fight against corrupt system especially for those who for inevitable reasons can’t hire lawyers.
    Apart from that, the fact you have mentioned about corrupt police officers, we suggest to go through these article as follows-
    1) Police Complaints Authority- Legal Remedy Against Corrupt & Inefficient Police
    2) Address of Police Complaints Authority of Maharashtra, Pune & Navi Mumbai
    3) How to File Case Without Lawyer or In Person with Sample Draft.

    We firmly believe if parents study well and adopt a well planned strategy a single man can shake the walls of corrupt system pretty well.

    The same happened when properly guided a graduate taxi driver got successful order against one errant school as follows-
    MSCPCR orders KDMC Commissioner to implement readmission of expelled children over fee issue-

    Though later for same complications the parent could not get the order implemented yet we are now focusing on punishing the culprit soon.

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