Defying Education Minister's Instructions, Amanora School Expels Hundreds of Students
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Amanora School Agrees to Readmit Expelled Children Post Under Protest Payment


The parents of expelled children of the Amanora school (Hadapsar, Pune) have got some relief from the education department as the school management as per the Education Officer’s letter Dtd.30.03.2019 has agreed to readmit the expelled children over non payment of fees issue post under protest payment from the parents further subject to future adjudication of the issue by District Court in this matter.
Read Details of Expulsion Issue- Defying Education Minister’s Instructions, Amanora School Expels Hundreds of Students

Explaining the issue, Me.Dheeraj Gedam said that, ‘After the arbitrary expulsion of around more than 450 children, we launched peaceful protests at the office of the education department. As per the education department’s report, the school management has committed the gross violations of the Maharashtra Educational Institutions Regulation of Fee Act 2011 & The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009. The school management wanted us to pay around Rs.75000/- & Rs.85000/- for the two academic years on the contrary we wanted to pay Rs.49950/- for both the academic years respectively.’

‘Finally instead of total default and for the purpose of the school management to meet the administrative and other expenses, we decided to pay the Rs.49950/- under protest for each academic year and would pay the balance amount only after the adjudication of the disputed fee by the competent court. The school management has assured the readmission of the children after the payment of mutually agreed fees.’ Added Mr.Gedam.

The another parent on condition of anonymity said, ‘The school shall be reopened on 8th April 2019. We believe that the school management would abide by its commitment and would cancel expulsion and readmit the expelled children as assured before th education department, failure to do so shall not only result the appropriate civil and criminal proceedings against the school management but we would initiate the same against the officials of the education department also.’

The organization has received the copy of the letter of the Education Officer as follows-Untitled-2

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