CBSE Rejects Saraswati Mandir School's Affiliation Application
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CBSE Rejects Saraswati Mandir School’s Affiliation Application


The affiliation application of the Saraswati Mandir School of Mahim, (Maharashtra) has been rejected by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) over non submission of  the necessary documents by the school management. The information has been revealed by the crusader parent of the school Mr.Makarand Kane whose children are still allegedly harassed by the school management over non payment of excessive fees issue.

Explaining this Mr.Makarand Kane said, ‘I had read an article of organization about how to check the CBSE affiliation of the school online. I was shocked to observe that the school management’s details were not shown as affiliated school. Accordingly i filed right to information application to the CBSE which confirmed the fact that the school management is not affiliated to the CBSE’.
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‘As it was proved that the school management has cheated the parents of the school by fraudulently representing itself as affiliated to the CBSE, i informed same to the CBSE and asked not to approve their CBSE affiliation application at any cost. However the CBSE rejected my right to information application which sought the information of the current status of the application. Accordingly i discussed the issue with my lawyer and submitted the first appeal immediately, taking cognizance of my application the CBSE has informed me that the affiliation application of the school has been rejected.’ Added Mr.Kane.

Grounds for rejection of CBSE Affiliation-
The organization has the copy of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) reply which has informed the following grounds for rejection of the affiliation application of Saraswati Mandir School, Mahim-
1) Non submission of No Objection Certificate (NOC)-
The information provided under the right to information act states that the school management has not provided the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the state government.
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2) Non submission of Land Certificate-
The CBSE reply reveals shocking fact that the school management has not submitted Land Certificate issued by any competent authority of Revenue Department, i..e by Registrar, Sub Registrar or Tehsildar.
3) Non Submission of Certificate of Municipal Jurisdiction-
CBSE reply has further stated that the school management did not submit the copy of certificate issued by the competent authority by municipal corporation of the city confirming that the address of the school comes under the limits of municipal corporation to claim land relaxation.
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4) Non Submission of affidavit Duly Sworn before the Magistrate-
CBSE has further stated that the school did not submit affidavit duly sworn in before First Class Magistrate as per Appendix IV of the affidavit bye laws.
5) Submission of Unregistered Sale Deed-
The CBSE reply also mentions that the school management though was required to submit the registered sale deed of the land as ownership documents, the school has submitted copy of of unregistered sale deed only.

6) Non submission of Building Safety Certificate-
The CBSE has clarified that the school management has not submitted the Building Safety Certificate issued by the Engineer of the concerned government office department of  state government.
7) Non submission of the Balance Sheet & Financial Status-
Though it is an important requirement to submit the Balance Sheet Financial Status Certificate of the school, as per the CBSE reply the school management instead of school’s documents has submitted the balance sheet of the trust’s account.
8) Non submission of payment of salary through Cheque/KCS mode to employees-
The school management has not submitted the relevant documents for proving the fact that the salary to employees are paid through check or KCS mode from concerned bank.

Prohibition to Start IX to XII CBSE classes-
It is further informed that the CBSE has asked the school management that it shall not start classes under CBSE pattern for class IX to XII as the case may be without grant of affiliation by the board, otherwise the board will not be responsible for any consequences arising out of it

Reluctance of the CBSE to Provide the Information-
It is pertinent to note that the CBSE earlier rejected to provide the information above mentioned through right to information application which was only provided after the organization provided the legal draft to Mr.Makarand Kane which we believe an unfortunate and unwanted reluctant action from the CBSE.

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