Chief Minister’s ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal fails miserably.

The Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal portal fails miserably.

Chief Minister’s ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal fails miserably.
To resolve the plight of crores of aggrieved people against the bad governance in the State of Maharashtra, Chief Minister’s office had taken initiative around 2 years earlier and had left no opportunity to highlight itself as crusader for the common people when it launched ‘Aaple Sarkar-‘ portal for resolving  grievances of the public at large with famous logo ‘Your Complaint- Our Responsibility’..

Was ray of hope for the rural people-
‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal  had become a ray of hope for many people especially for the people belonging to the rural areas who fail to get even complaint’s acknowledgement from many arrogant public officers, not to speak of getting the order for inquiry against their grievances from such errant officers.

Notification of resolving complaints within 21 days mere a Showpiece?-
The ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal vide their government resolution Dtd.24.08.2016 also assured the people the resolution of their grievance in ‘lightning’ speed of 21 days (Rule 9) in addition with the remedy of approaching the concerned department’s Nodal Officer or the top ranking officers of the ranks of Collector, Secretary, Police Commissioner etc. if the grievance is not solved satisfactorily. The PDF copy of the government resolution above mentioned in Marathi can be seen through following link-

Download Aaple Sarkar Grievance Portal Government Resolution Dtd.24.08.2016.PDF

However the  recent developments have come as shock to crores of people of the state who fail to get the justice from the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal. The main feature of the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal which mentions that the complaint shall be resolved within 21 days is not implemented at all and further the complainants who have posted their legitimate grievances have been shown status ‘pending’ for months, in some cases even for years & do not get satisfactory response from the ‘Nodal Officers’ who are acting mere as mute spectators.

Even the complainants who posted ‘Not Satisfied’ remark along with the reason for being unsatisfied with the post redressal option, have neither been approached by any officer nor been any concrete action has been taken against such gross negligence of the top level and senior officers of various departments.

Exposed with the Evidences-

The education activist Mr.Prasad Tulaskar pointed out that though he has posted many grievances on ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal none of them has been resolved till date positively. Mr.Prasad Tulaskar explained further ‘They have various modes to defeat the legitimate grievances of public at large. In many complaints delay tactics are being played directly. My complaint number bearing reference Dept/SESD/2017/5525 is pending from more than one year which is far away from the assured resolution within 21 days by the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal. The issue is related to the compulsion of the schools to pay the illegal & capitation fees but no action is taken till date. Not only the resolution of the complaints are delayed but in one out of my many complaints filed Dept/SESD/2018/6994 i faced shocking fact wherein the top ranking officer from education ministry even submitted misguiding & false reply directly on Chief Minister’s portal fearing nothing, i immediately clicked ‘Dissatisfied’ remark & also explained how the concerned officer has submitted false & bogus reply, yet no action is taken against her till date’.

Evidence- Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal portal fails miserably by not resolving issues pending for years
Evidence- Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal portal fails miserably by not resolving issues pending for years

Revealed- Not a website issue- Chief Minister office actively supports negligence!-
Mr.Prasad Tulaskar determined to cross examine whether this is mere a website error or if the Chief Minister’s office is aware of such indifference, filed an RTI query directly to the Chief Minister’s office to get the action taken report against his negative remark & also seeking explanation against the false & misguiding reply submitted by the the concerned on the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal, but in another shocking twist, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra’s Public Information Officer has not given any information, did not even bother to reply the RTI query, the same negligent approach was followed by the First Appellate Authority of the Chief Minister’s department too. I have filed an appeal before the State Information Commissioner & waiting for their decision over this.

Evidence- Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal portal fails miserably by not taking action against officer who gave false & bogus reply

(Evidence- Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal portal fails miserably by not taking action against officer who gave false & bogus reply)

In another such incident from Pune, Mr.Vaibhav Jadhav who has completed his engineering studies recently said ‘I was recently cheated by one job giving firm who went up to the extent of uploading the false information that they have affiliated with State Bank of India & also showed me authorization letter from ministry for the job purpose, charged heavy amounts from me fraudulently, later it was revealed that all the information they uploaded on website & document shown to me were bogus. I immediately complained to the police department, who as usual did not pay heed to my grievances. I immediately lodged grievance in ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal bearing complaint number Dist/PLPN/2018/3694 which has not taken any action till date. I  have also complained to the Nodal Officers who just note down my details and ask me to wait every time & nothing happens thereafter. In between the job giving firm has destroyed the evidence by removing the fraudulent information from their website. If i am getting such indifferent approach from the top most administrative office, whom should i pray to deliver the justice hereafter?’.


Evidence- Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal portal fails miserably by not taking action against officer who did not perform his duty against adulteratd food
Evidence- Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal portal fails miserably by not taking action against officer who did not perform his duty against adulterated food.

The organization has also received complaint bearing number Dept/FCSD/2018/2146, wherein the complaint was filed to Joint Commissioner (Pune Division) Food & Drug Administration against the adulterated food, however no action was taken from the concerned officer & hence the immediate grievance was posted in the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal which forwarded the complaint to the Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection department only. It has further been revealed that the complaint is pending from more than 90 days but still the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal is showing it under progress. In the meantime because of this negligence in duty, the evidence of adulterated food is likely to be destroyed by the multinational company’s outlet where such adulterated beverage was found.

Failure of the top most bureaucratic institute- Threat to Democracy-
The Chief Minister’s office is a symbol of top most political & bureaucratic institutions in the state. Any blatant violation especially by its own initiated grievance redressal mechanism endangers the very own safety of the democratic values in any democratic institution & would surely result in the unfortunate result of boosting the arrogance & negligence of the errant public officers to the highest possible level.

Organization to launch legal awareness & legal action-
The organization has decided to provide legal assistance against the top most bureaucratic institute of the state & appeals citizens to file complaints against the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal before various courts & commissions, positively reciprocating the appeal of the organization Mr.Prasad Tulaskar said he would take appropriate legal actions & plans to intensify his legal battles against the inactivity, negligence & indifference of the Chief Minister’s office itself.

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-Adv.Siddharthshankar Sharma
Founder President-Bharatiya Krantikari Sangathan

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