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How to Check CBSE Affiliation of the School.


How to Check CBSE Affiliation of the School-The organization has recently come to know the shocking fact of many bogus schools who have not affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and yet have misrepresented the parents that hey have been affiliated to the CBSE board by mentioning themselves in their fee receipts, annual reports, pamphlets etc. and many schools even justify their fee hikes on such false and bogus ground by referring to the parents that they are the only CBSE affiliated school in the nearby area.

Such bogus schools also go up to the extent of teaching the students CBSE syllabus and compel the parents to purchase the books as per their whims and fancies and make huge profiteering. Few parents also requested organization to publish the guide to check the official status of the affiliation of the school and hence we have decided to publish this article as the process to know the same is very simple.

How to Check CBSE Affiliation of the School-
The parents simply need to visit the official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) by clicking the following link-

After clicking the above link, the page like below will be opened-

How to Check CBSE Affiliation of the School
How to Check CBSE Affiliation of the School

After opening of the above page, click on the ‘Schools Directory’ tab on the slight right corner of the page (check red circle highlighted area). After clicking on the ‘School Directory’ the following page will be opened.

How to Check CBSE Affiliation of the School.
How to Check CBSE Affiliation of the School

The parents can instead of following the steps above can directly go to ‘School Directory’ Page of CBSE by clicking the following link-

As can clearly be seen the parents can get the information of the affiliation of the school with following options-
Keyword wise,
Affiliation No. Wise,
State Wise,
Region Wise,
School level wise & also the name of the ‘Disaffiliated Schools’ can be checked from the website. The parents can check their own school’s affiliation in more than one categories to cross check the information.

As per the news published recently in the Mumbai Mirror the CBSE affiliation section at Delhi has clarified that ‘if a school is not listed, it is not affiliated, and unless a school has an affiliation number, it cannot call itself a CBSE school on its signboard or school literature.’
The link of the news above mentioned is as follows-

Legal Remedy-
The parents can definitely initiate criminal prosecution along with the additional complaint to CBSE to not to approve the CBSE affiliation application form of such school.
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