Aaple Sarkar Grievance Portal 'In Action', Complainants get compensation.
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Aaple Sarkar Grievance Portal ‘In Action’, Complainants Get Compensation.


The organization had earlier published an article wherein it was mentioned that in spite of making numerous complaints the common people were not getting justice from the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal Portal’.  The portal which is operated and managed by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra’s office assures the common people that their grievances shall be resolved within 21 days. However the organisation has observed that many complaints were not resolved even after the completion of one year from the submission of their complaints to the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal Portal’.

These complaints included serious issues like illegal fee collection by the private schools, bogus assurances of the government jobs and collecting huge money from the job aspiring candidates, complaints against the adulterated food and inaction of the food and drugs department. The link published by the organization is as follows-
Chief Minister’s ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal’ portal fails miserably.

After the organization published the article above mentioned, newspaper journalist Namrata Fadnis of Daily Lokmat took the cognizance of the same and news was accordingly published in Daily Lokmat. The copy of the news is as follows-

Aaple Sarkar Grievance Portal 'In Action', Complainants get compensation.
Aaple Sarkar Grievance Portal ‘In Action’, Complainants get compensation. Courtesy- Daily Lokmat

Also the organization had decided to take appropriate legal action against the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal Portal’. Thereafter the portal swung into the action finally & complainants got some relief.

The one of the complainant Mr Vaibhav Jadhav who was cheated by false and bogus assurance of government job by one private firm for Rs 65000/-, has received Rs 65,000/- by the concerned firm recently. Explaining this aspect Mr.Jadhav explained that ‘I belong to farmers family, Rs.65000/- is a big amount for me and the firm had openly assured on their website that they will secure job in a government agencies. However after I came to know that I have been cheated, I filed complaint to the police department which were not taking the appropriate action.

‘Thereafter I raised my voice against the portal and the article was published by the organisation and the daily Lokmat. I immediately got refund of Rs.65000/-  from the concerned firm. Now the police department are also probing the matter further and the concerned firm has removed the advertisement from their website assuring the job in government agencies too. As it is clear that no one else shall be cheated like me I think that considerable justice has been done.’

In another such incident where the mobile repairing shop had assured to repair the mobile in 2 days & yet the mobile shop executive was not returning the mobile even after weeks without any satisfactory answer,  Adv.Siddharthshankar Sharma filed a complaint to the concerned police station. As the police were not taking the immediate action, Mr Sharma filed a complaint to the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal Portal’.

Explaining this aspect, Mr.Sharma said, ‘After i filed complaint before the portal, the police administration immediately took the stern action and the owner of the mobile shop gave the written statement that because of his mistake he has lost the mobile and thereafter he voluntarily bought new mobile. The police are probing further about the lost mobile and investigation is going on, hence I am satisfied about it’.

No action in some other big issues yet-
Reacting over the positive developments above mentioned, Mumbai based social activist Mr Prasad Tulaskar has mentioned that in spite of his name was also published in the newspaper & in article yet the state government has not taken any action till date though more than year since then has been gone after making the complaint to the grievance portal. The organisation shall  provide all necessary legal assistance to Mr.Tulaskar in this matter.

We thank Daily Lokmat & Namrata Fadnis, also the earlier inactive police department which later took stern actions & also the ‘Aaple Sarkar Grievance Redressal Portal’ and hope immediate action shall be taken in all the other major issues, if not we would be taking necessary legal action against the government agencies soon.

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