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Swiggy Defective Services, Spilled Food & Insult to Customer.


Swiggy Defective Services, Spilled Food & Insult to Customer-Swiggy Executive insults customer & Indian Values post spilled food complaint-The organization has come to known very shocking incident where the customer of the Swiggy who had ordered the food & when found that the food was spilled & also that the wrong item was served, was insulted by the Swiggy Executive named ‘Mr.Ramjith’ who initially without knowing the age & other details of the customer literally started giving the customer instructions by taking the name of the customer directly & without any formal (not to talk about respectable) prefixes like even ‘Mr.’, further insulting the sentiment of customer who just requested to respect himself and Indian values & tradition.

The customer, in this case, kept requesting the Swiggy Executive that as he does not know the age and other details of the customer, that the giving someone (especially to the customer) instruction by taking his name directly is an insulting act as per the Indian values & etiquette, yet he remained adamant and said that taking the name of any person directly is never an insult to any person! However asked if even speaking in English with the elder members of his family he takes their name or not, Mr.Ramjith did never answer that question. Even he was brought to notice that the customer might be his father’s age, his elder brother’s age and that if it is so, then wont it  amount to the insult of the customer taking the name directly? He did not give any answer  to the customer through out the chat.

The customer, (as could be seen from the chat snapshots attached below) from the beginning was requesting ‘Neither to call me ‘Sir’ nor ‘take my name directly too’ but the Swiggy Executive who was hell bent over his disrespectful attitude kept justifying his behavior and even mentioned that is how they are trained by their company. After many requests only the Swiggy Executive Mr.Ramjith finally agreed to mention the name of the customer by prefixing ‘Mr’.

Even the customer’s request to send the chat records was turned down by the arrogant executive of the Swiggy. Finally the Swiggy Executive even calculated the price of the bad service and insult to the customer by offering Rs.100/- coupon, however the customer whose self respect was not dormant, in turn offered Rs.200/- to Swiggy to end the chat with Swiggy.

Please see the chat snapshots as follows-Swiggy Executive insults customer & Indian Values post spilled food complaint-
Swiggy Defective Services, Spilled Food & Insult to Customer.
1) Chat Begins! Swiggy Executive instructs the customer by taking his name directly, neglecting the fact that the customer could be anyone, any man of his father’s age, any women of his mother’s age!


2) Customer objects taking name directly by saying ‘Don’t call me Sir but Do not take my name directly too’! Yet arrogant executive takes the name again!


3) Though Customer said ‘Do Not call me sir’ clearly earlier, yet arrogant Swiggy Executive says calling ‘sir’ is hypo society! Falsely & in an imaginary way of Swiggy of blaming the customer who asked just bit of respect!


4) Arrogant Executive of Swiggy confirms the fact that he has been taught by the company itself to take customer’s name directly! Customer again objects and says neither call me sir nor take name directly. 


5) ‘I will forward the feedback to the team but we cant change our self fortnightly!’- Says Swiggy Executive!

186) Finally customer gets some respect with prefix of ‘Mr’ as Swiggy Executive mentions, but gives this respect to sur name and not initial the name of customer for an unknown reason!  

19-217) Harassment of the customer continues- Swiggy’s arrogant executive again repeats calling someone by his/her name does not bring disrespect to anyone! Not to speak of what chat he would do to the man or women of his father’s or mother’s age respectively? no answer is given till the last to this question!


8) Customer again says prefixing ‘Mr’ was fine but this arrogant executive keeps telling his own philosophy!


9) Finally Swiggy’s arrogant executive calculates compensation for bad service and insult of customer at Rs.100/- coupon! Also says he WONT BE ABLE TO SEND CHAT RECORDS to the Customer!


10) Customer offers Rs.200/- for ending his humiliation in turn!


11) Not at the beginning! This  arrogant ‘Dude’ wishes Happy Independence Day lastly but by this time the customer had understood this company is far away from the Indian values and it respects none of it! Customer wished the Happy Independence Day to all the ‘true’ Indians!

12.Swiggy Executive insults customer & Indian Values post spilled food complaint.

(Swiggy Executive insults customer & Indian Values post spilled food complaint).

It is clear that neither customer wanted himself to be called ‘Sir’ nor he liked taking his name personally. There was nothing wrong in this attitude. But Alas! This Mr.Ramjith who was frequently been given all the due respect by the customer, perhaps was angry with the fact that the customer proved their delivery boy had delivered the spilled food and wrong food, left no opportunity to humiliate customer.

Question remains unanswered! Will these ‘Dudes’ in their twenty’s or thirties would keep calling & instructing the customers with their names directly who may be of their mother’s or father’s age?

Dear Swiggy, in one word this sounds ‘Piggy’ and you would pay for the same before the Indian masses who love their tradition and Indian values far more than your stupid & indecent values. Jaihind!

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