MSEB Rectifies Wrong Electricity Bill Of Rs.14110 to Rs.310/- Fearing Legal Action


A senior citizen has taught a lesson to electricity board which rectified the wrongful and excessive electricity bill fearing civil & criminal action.



Using the legal awareness articles published by our organization related to electricity laws especially to consumer rights under The Electricity Act 2003, a senior citizen from remote village of Konkan area of State of Maharashtra has taught an errant Maharashtra State Electricity Board a lesson and successfully compelled them to immediately rectify the wrongful and excessive electricity bill of Rs.14100 to as low as Rs.310/-.

With our past experience and aim to provide legal awareness and proper strategy to common man to fight against corrupt system, we have been publishing legal awareness articles earlier, the links of few important articles are also given below this article. Out of these articles, the articles related to consumer rights under electricity laws published recently are as follows-
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Explaining the issue, Mr.Gurunath Bandwalkar a resident of Dabholi Village in Konkan region of Maharashtra said, ‘I used to get average electricity bills around Rs.200/- for my home usages since past many months. In the current month also i expected it would be the same as there was not any extra electricity usage than average, however i was shocked to see the electricity bill amount at Rs.14100/- for current one month’s usage only. I visited the local Maharashtra State Electricity Board’s (MSEB) office where i got rude replies in addition to the warning to pay the bills immediately to avoid disconnection which caused me tremendous mental harassment’.

‘Accordingly i contacted my colleague and Mumbai based social activist Mr.Prasad Tulaskar who informed me about the ongoing legal awareness articles about electricity laws by Bharatiya Krantikari Sangathan. Thereafter i again went to office of the MSEB and explained S.56 of the Electricity Act which allows to pay the preceding 6 month’s average bill under protest to consumer in case of dispute and also warned them of criminal prosecution in case of disconnection for such wrongful bill. The officer in charge immediately rectified my electricity bill from Rs.14110/- to Rs.310’ Added Mr.Bandwalkar.

MSEB Rectifies Wrong Electricity Bill Of Rs.14110 to Rs.310/- Fearing Legal Action
MSEB Rectifies Wrong Electricity Bill Of Rs.14110 to Rs.310/- Fearing Legal Action

We have yet again proved the fact that if the common people of the country are provided legal awareness & well planned strategy, they are enough courageous to teach the corrupt system a permanent lesson. If this can happen like in present case in the remote village like Dabholi of Konkan region of Maharashtra, same can be achieved at other regions of the country too. It further gives us immense pleasure as the hard worked legal awareness articles have come useful for common people to fight against the corrupt system.

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-Adv.Siddharthshankar Sharma
Founder President-Bharatiya Krantikari Sangathan

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